Friday, June 5, 2009

tour update 4

Hi everybody,

We are in Washington on our way to Portland. Yesterday we went to an amazing hotsprings in Idaho called Jerry Johnson. We are slowly perfecting our recipe for hobo hash.

Here is "Lost At Sea" and "Man's Heart Complaint" from our show at the Kitty Cat Club in Minneapolis: lost at sea, man's heart complaint.

We ran into some Old Men of the Forest at the springs and took these pictures of them in their natural habitat:

Here is the next page of Bill's van journal (click to enlarge):

Here are three more pages of haikus:


EAPPster said...

Yeah, you're on the West Coast! I'm looking forward to seeing your shows in LA next weekend. Hope this weekend goes well.

crash said...

glad to hear that the tour's going well! will there be any of the cassettes available for those of us not in portland?

Ervin Berlin said...

i wouldnt want to run into John looking like that in a Greek Tragedy....or something...