Friday, June 12, 2009

quick update, lacking on details perhaps

Northern California:

We drove all day yesterday, spun across California, through Humboldt and the most amazing beaches I'd ever seen, drove down to China Camp State Park. We snuck in around 2am and hiked into our campsite by moonlight and all laid down in the warm fragrant air of the grasses and the bay trees and the eucaplytus. I laid in my sleeping bag nursing a warm Hamm's and around 3am I heard two coyotes howling at the bright yellow moon. It scared me a bit and I stayed up for at least another hour.

Woke the next morning early enough to avoid paying the $25 camping fee and drove across the Golden Gate Bridge, down south to Santa Cruz. never really realized Santa Cruz was on the other side of a mountain pass. Didn't realize either they still had a few coastal redwoods. I guess they were too hard to log way back when.

We took a wrong turn on our way into town and ended up in a valley of redwoods and I had to wipe the crust off mine eyes. Yep, redwoods. KZSC, the station we played, was a log cabin with huge ceilings. Like a ski cabin. And it was nestled in a grove of redwoods and I felt very very happy to be there. The people were warm and so was the air (apparently the building has some sort of ventilation problem).

Afterwards headed to beach for sun and laying on hot sand and wiping clean of the slate. Warm sun and cold water.

North again, up to the east bay, to a house party between Oakland and Berkeley. Mark Ashworth sang sweet serenades and Tristan bowed and plucked a bass and it was a commanding performance. Mark never fails to blow me away. Crystal Fulbright was there singing with Mark and she's so awesome too.

I talked with a man from France who had flown into the U.S. specifically to see our band. What? yes, you heard me. He asked for two songs we didn't know how to play. I felt really happy that my music had moved somebody so much that he'd travel so far just to watch a show.

Our set started quiet and moved louder til it got quiet again. Drank whiskey late into the night with some German language students. Will and I were forced to sit at the piano and play them a number after Will got caught making fun of the big guy. It was a terrible performance. I played very very bad countermelodies while Will tried his best to provide a compelling performance. We were both laughing. The big German guy was scary and looked like the Aryan superman or something. Really tall and blonde and spoke like he was coughing.

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