Monday, June 1, 2009

tour update 3

Hi everybody!

We're in Minneapolis. It's very beautiful here. We are really having the most fun tour ever and we're only nine or ten days into it. Tomorrow we have to start the thousand-mile journey to Missoula, Montana.

Here is a recording of us playing "Bones" at Lit Lounge in New York: bones
That was the show we played with The Shivers, one of my favorite bands. I was very happy to get to share a bill with them.

Here are the next two pages of Bill's typewriter journal (click to enlarge):

Here is a page of haikus by all of us:

Here is us with Chris & Kurt from the Meat Puppets, and Liz and Lance from Permanent Records in Chicago. The Meat Puppets gave a terrific performance and were really nice. Permanent Records is an awesome vinyl store and they are also really nice. That in-store was a blast.

Here is a photo collage Bill made back in Georgia that I forgot to post before:


crash said...

our van is a cloud

Elizabeth A said...

When you guys get home, you should display all your works and play a show.