Tuesday, June 9, 2009

first thought, incomplete thought

i sit soaked in sunshine in eugene, oregon. we have finally arrived on the west coast. what a land, what a scale, everything dwarfs, the rivers froth and trees sway hundreds of feet above your head. i slap myself continually to make sure i'm not dreaming. this starts to hurt after awhile.

today we venture further south into the redwoods. we will hopefully stand amidst some ancient trees and feel completely insignificant and strangely dressed. well, i suppose i will feel more that way that i normally do.

what can i say? this sense of humor might not make sense to everybody. at least i'm laughing. hahahahahhahaha.

i am passing the computer around the van now. other people are going to write their immediate thoughts.

hackeysack sam

Recording in portland turned out well- will

hot spring handicap
old growth sets the rules out here
what's in store for us?

the west is pure and fresh.


Here is Will's remake of "Cash's Theme" from the movie Tango & Cash: Cash's Theme

here is the next page of bill's tour journal, followed by the first nine of our hand-drawn covers for our new "Hair Forest" cassette:




Anonymous said...

clip of "Bones" at Permanent in Chicago