Saturday, June 28, 2008

other music digital exclusive release

You can now download "the glowing city" from nyc awesome shop Other Music. The download format is 320kbps mp3s... definitely the best sounding mp3.

Here's what other music says about the disc:

EXCLUSIVE ADVANCE RELEASE! Sunset is the folk/psych/pop brainchild of Austin's Bill Baird and his new album is meditative, dramatic, electronic, and evocative of a pre-"Guero" Beck. As the nom de plume suggests, the general mood of the record finds its footing somewhere near Baroque melancholia, but the dramatically epic nature of the project and its variable prowess of instrumentation will leave you feeling undoubtedly triumphant. NPR calls him "beautifully lo-fi," and I call him the best thing I've heard in months.

Download it here for $9.99 (whole thing) or $1.11 per track. If you want the hard copy with full artwork and poster, you can buy that here

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