Thursday, July 3, 2008

Other Music, part 2: Too Much Wes Anderson

Other Music wrote a full review of the album:

Sunset's Bill Baird is depressed, or maybe he's just been listening to depressing music, or maybe he's watched one too many of Wes Anderson's movies (they're both from Austin, TX); anyhow, this singer/songwriter is channeling something that has led to the creation of the must-hear prog-folk record of the summer. The Glowing City is a smorgasbord of sound that seems to have been crafted in a toy factory with a tape machine and an ethereal piano. By his lonesome, Baird is able to do what the Polyphonic Spree uses upwards of 20 musicians to achieve, which is crafting triumphant harmonies of disharmony in the style of '70s pop by the likes of ELO and Bowie. There are most likely some collaborating musicians, but Sunset is Baird's opus. As Baird alternatively croons and chants deep within a densely layered mix, you can hear his passion seep through instruments as diverse as French horns, tribal drums, Kraftwerk-esque keys, and accordions. This album is apparently the conflation of two separate complete records, yet a narrative arc is undeniable and the overall tone is cohesive to a fault. Bill Baird took some chances recording this music, and you should take a chance listening to it...the effects could be emotional.
-Max Gray


Gabe said...

Totally Rad.
Full agreement on "must hear" though I have no idea what prog-folk means. To me it sounds like good old fashioned Western Pop a la Brian Wilson with some Raymond Scott, Brian Eno, and Cluster guest turns. Also, I don't quite get the depressing aspect of either this album or of Wes Anderson. Maybe he was thinking Paul Thomas Anderson.

Anyways, great work Bill (and assorted dudes), keep it up!
Me and the wife have been listening to this non-stop.
Current favorite: Theme from "A Perfect Light"

nhennies said...

The new {{{Sunset}}} is the must-hear space-folk-prog-psych-melodo-madness album of the next few minutes.

But ya... nice review. You just gotta stop watching Royal Tenenbaums all the time.

Anonymous said...

great review :)

crash said...

Both {{{Sunset}}} records that have come out this year are in my top 10 of the year so far.

Have you heard Peter Broderick's Float? I think you'd really dig it.