Tuesday, June 10, 2008

note on "Moebius" and "TVs that were his eyes"

"Moebius," the 7th track on "Bright Blue Dream" ("BBD" from here on), was originally composed as a musical collaboration between myself and Peter Simonite. We were trying to create a musical and video loop that begins and ends in the same place, and can thus be repeated infinitely in an "art gallery" type setting.

I thought an interesting approach for its inclusion in "BBD" would be to make sure that it could be repeated infinitely, a nod to the track's origin and original intention.

Thus, if you played "Moebius" in "repeat" mode on a c.d. player, it could play infinitely without any interruption or skipping. A sound installation I placed in the middle of a pretty straightforward pop album.

Unfortunately, this intention has been completely missed by every single reviewer, and some folks seem to be even angered by the repetitiveness of the track. Well, folks, that's why the good lord invented the "skip" button.

The original intention was to launch a music video site which would help contextualize "Moebius," and also extend the artwork of the album. We have experienced some delays on this, but the site should be up soon.

"T.V.s that were his eyes," the track following "Moebius," is incidental and accidental. In order for "Moebius" to repeat seamlessly, the beginning and end of the track needed to be at full volume. For the beginning of the track, that was simple... just a cross-fade at the end of "Bright Blue Dream" (the song) which has several minutes of drone at the end anyhow. But how to manage the transition at the end? Either "Moebius" would end and the song would just dramatically turn off, or there could be a fade. Since the fade couldn't be at the end of "Moebius" and I didn't want the fade as the beginning of "Old Sandy Bull Lee," Nick (the mastering engineer) and I decided to make the fade its own track. A strange 8-second (I think that's the time) transition track. I suppose I could've left it unnamed and maybe that would've helped figure out what the track was for... but I couldn't resist naming it. The title "T.V.s that were his eyes" is an obscure reference (maybe not so obscure for some) that also makes reference to the album cover.

I'm glad we had the chance to clear all this up.

Here's the original Moebius video:

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