Friday, May 22, 2009

"Turning the Wheel"

We are hitting the road for just over 3 weeks. Here are the dates:

5.21.09 Austin, TX -- Tour send-off party at Baby Blue w/ Sleep Good, Ethan and Spiked Punch
5.22.09 Houston, TX -- Super Happy Fun Land with Dana Falconberry
5.24.09 Tallahassee, FL -- Castlemania
5.25.09 Athens, GA -- Go Bar w/ Green Gerry
5.26.09 Chapel Hill, NC -- The Nightlight w/ Crash, Soul Band
5.27.09 NYC, NY -- Lit Lounge with the Shivers
5.28.09 Boston, MA -- ning nong radio WZBC
5.28.09 Providence, RI -- Loft party w/ some awesome people
5.29.09 Philadelphia, PA -- see flyer below for details
5.30.09 Pittsburgh, PA -- steven’s living room at around lunch time -- email for details
5.30.09 Louisville, KY -- The wine studio@610 Magnolia w/ Furry Bits and Shedding
5.31.09 Chicago, IL -- Permanent Records w/ The Meat Puppets
5.31.09 Chicago, IL -- The Whistler w/ The Dreadful Yawns
6.01.09 Minneapolis, MN -- Kitty Cat Klub w/ Paragraphs
6.02.09 Minneapolis, MN -- Radio K Live on-air
6.03.09 Missoula, MT -- The Badlander
6.05.09 Portland, OR -- Special party in the woods -- email for details
6.06.09 Seattle, WA -- KEXP live on air
6.07.09 Portland, OR -- Valentines w/ Cajun Gems
6.11.09 Santa Cruz, CA -- KZSC live on-air
6.11.09 Party in Emeryville (between Berkeley and Oakland) w/ Cloudcraft/Mark Ashworth. email for details
6.12.09 Somewhere in L.A. Stay tuned.

For the latter half of the tour, we will have a limited edition cassette made specially for our show in the woods in Portland. The cassette is called "Hair Forest."

One of the songs from the tape is up now at

I called the tour "turning the wheel" because we're going in a big circle, and the van's tires are wheels.

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