Thursday, April 30, 2009

Fishtown; We still a few hand-made t-shirts.

John Kolar and I just ventured to Philly to record a new song with Quentin Stolzfus (Mazarin) and Brian McTear (producer for Danielson, Matt Pond PA, etc). I like the song. It's called "Fishtown." It's gonna be up on the internet pretty soon. It was a grant from a new Philly based non-profit called Weathervane Music. They pick a few artists a year and bring them in to record with nice equipment and a sympathetic producer. There was a 5 person film crew documenting the proceedings.

Look at their website here --> and give them a donation cuz they're doing good things.

Here's a photo they took:


On a side note, we're playing with the Meat Puppets in Chicago.

In other news, here's some hand-made shirts we still have available. If you're interested, please contact me:

1 comment:

crash said...

mazarin is one of my favorite bands

as is yours, bill

can't wait to hear this

also, i'd like a shirt