Tuesday, March 31, 2009

a few sentences


Many more shows coming up, including a show at the famed Cactus Cafe, best sounding room in Austin. Another studio party in the works as well.

We will be hitting the road in late May. If you want to have us over, please drop a line! We love alternative venues of all kinds, including barns, poetry slams, parking lots, all ages free-for-alls, and carpeted living rooms.


crash said...

i would like for you guys to come to chapel hill, nc

Morton said...

o.k. crash, send me an email:

we can try setting something up

Aaron said...

want to play at a co-op in berkeley?

David said...

The Casbah in San Diego would be pretty awesome, seing as how you're playing LA.

Otherwise my backyard can host max 200 people

Morton said...

if you have ideas or suggestions, please send me an email: