Tuesday, November 11, 2008

"DEAR FRIEND" Versions - Free Download Package // LAKE // Your Eyes are Mirrors Video

As a lover of dub “versions” and remixes, I often find alternate mixes and performances insightful into a song’s intentions.

The song “Dear Friend (Collapsing Domino)” has seen many versions, some of which I grew attached to but ultimately left behind. I’ve selected a few of these to show other roads the song could’ve taken, to illustrate the song’s evolution, and to hopefully provide insight into the creative process. I’ve enjoyed digging through these older versions, and I hope you will too.

Here is a zip file containing 5 song versions, some notes, and album art.

Download: Sunset - Dear Friend (Versions) [62MB zip package]

(album version can be found on The Glowing City)


we just played an awesome show with LAKE, who are from Olympia, WA. Here are some cool videos of them:

This is exactly how I mixed "The Glowing City!" :

also, check out this video by Praveen, with illustrations by Rell:

The music is an older mix of the song. I like it as is, so I left it. Also, I'm pretty sure Praveen did not consider the video done, but I like it, so I'm posting it.

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