Friday, September 19, 2008


We got a nice review in Signal to Noise, the self-described "Quarterly Journal of Improvised, Experimental and Unusual Music."

They call The Glowing City "glorious orchestral pop at its finest yet with a raw edge and world-weary insistence rather than faux-naif glee." They describe Bright Blue Dream thusly: "...merges West Coast jangle and Klaus Schulze's speaker-phasing into something that would make any early 90's shoe-gazer implode.

I scanned the review, you can look at it here:

In other news, we will be playing the main stage tomorrow at the Pecan Street Festival at 5pm, with two of our guys missing. Should be interesting. It's a free show, maybe we'll see you there? Last time we did the fest, we played to an empty street corner and 4 garbage cans and actually really enjoyed it.

After us, this guy named Tommy Tutone is going to play the main stage. He sang that famous song "867-5309" aka "Jenny, I Got Your Number." I saw him perform the song this morning on Fox News, which just happened to be on as I arrived to work.

He described the song's origin on the show. Jenny was a girl who gave her number to his guitar player. He wrote it on a bathroom wall. The band had a laugh.

And here we are, 27 years later, and he's still playing the song.

Tommy Tutone was seated and wearing sunglasses and performing the song solo acoustic. His performance didn't get me terribly excited for their set, but maybe they have some other tunes.


Aaron said...

hello mr. baird, I was wondering if/when your albums will be available for purchase on vinyl disk. Also, you are working on a new album, no? When I saw you play in SF, you said that your new album would probably be out before the vinyl of Bright Blue Dream and The Glowing City. Anyway, best.

Bill Baird said...

Well, vinyl is expensive. putting the albums on wax would cost about three times as much as putting them on c.d. It will happen someday. But until we get a label involved or start making a bunch of money, it's gonna be hard to make it happen. The Glowing City, for example, would be a double-vinyl LP. Which would amazing! But expensive.

We are putting out a 7" soon. Should be out in a month or two, and it contains 2 new songs. The new album is taking shape, and it actually looks like another 2 albums, but I can't make any promises.