Sunday, August 3, 2008

"Deep-Fry Into the Sun" Tour

On Wednesday, we will be leaving for a West coast tour we have dubbed the "Deep-Fry into the Sun" tour.

Our vehicle is a 1984 Mercedes station wagon that has been converted to run on waste vegetable oil. We have a pump that filters oil from grease traps, and plan on filling up the whole way using waste oil from restaurants. This will be a first for us, and for any other band I've ever known.

This is very exciting. Free fuel (!!!!!), provided the restaurants allow us to pump. If they don't, we could always go "ninja-style" and liberate the oil. This neatly circumvents the insane problem of "touring cost" that most bands are facing right now.

Environmentally speaking, this is a revolution waiting to happen. We're removing ourselves from the grid of ridiculously overpriced gas stations that pollute our world and have distorted/dictated American foreign policy for quite some time.

We're also not burning million-year-old carbon (petroleum) to fuel our car. This closes the "carbon loop," so to speak, since the carbon we're releasing would have been consumed from the air (by the plants that created the oil) within the past few years.

It's really kind of like Dr. Brown in "Back to the Future." Remember how he fueled his car on Marty McFly's trash... he poured beer and a banana peel into the tank, remember that? Well, looks like the future's here, folks.

I will be blogging extensively along our travels. This tour is an experiment, a bit of research into a new and hopefully better way of doing things. So stay tuned for updates from the road.


Cliff Brown Jr. said...

sweet. good luck and safe travels.

Gabe said...

mega ultra, as usual, bill.
bring some kind of pump, so you don't keep getting mouthfuls of used, non-vegetarian fryer grease when you are siphoning the 50 gallon drum out behind taco pete's at 1 am.

also- hell yeah roof rack.

Bill Baird said...

i got me a pump and a roof-rack. no siphon hose, but i can probably find some straws at a wendy's somewhere along the way.

crash said...

Brilliant idea.