Thursday, April 17, 2008

terrapass carbon offset

Our upcoming tour has been "carbon-offset" through Terrapass. We actually offset 17,000 miles, so hopefully this off-set will take us through the end of the year.

Our van is projected to put 16,769 cubic pounds of CO^2 over these next 17,000 miles. Terrapass offsets this through wind-power and selective tree planting.

I still fear the world is coming to an end, despite these gestures. Well, perhaps not the world, but human existence/involvement in it. Our modern way of life is rapidly reaching an end. Time to evolve, I guess.

In the words of a tattered bumper sticker I once saw dangling off the dented bumper of a hippie van long since abandoned to a weedy sidelot in San Antonio, "Anything is better than nothing."

We will do our small part and hope for the best.
Speaking of tour, check the myspace... we may be hitting your town soon. May brings this show to the road, with a new line-up and nice surprises. Cassettes for sale, albums, etc.

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